mom-photoMy mom, Amy Zimmerman, is the brains behind this operation. She has over 20 years of experience in the cosmetic chemistry industry with over 16 patents protecting her formulas. She worked and developed products for some of the industries biggest names including Unilever and Amway. Her products were sold worldwide, and in a few cases became household names (Vaseline Intensive Care ring a bell?). She recently retired, but installed her own lab in our family home so she could tinker at her leisure. When she’s not concocting in her own lab, she can be found tending to her garden and fruit trees as well as sewing for herself and others.




file_000Hi! I’m Laura–Amy’s eldest daughter, and–consequently–the chemist’s daughter. My whole life I grew up testing skincare products and giving reviews to my chemist mother to help her create products for the international mega brands she worked for. To this day my friends email me questions about specific products to ask my endless-fountain-of-knowledge mother about. However, as daughters often do, I took this information for granted and didn’t really bother to listen. Now, as a 30-something woman with wrinkles and zits at the same time, I’ve decided I really need to uncode what is best for my skin now, and in the future. Hopefully, as I begin to find answers you can benefit too!
This project also started because I live in San Francisco, and my mom lives in Michigan; working on this together helps to make that physical distance between us feel a little smaller.